Get Ready, USPS Pricing Changes May Be Imminent

While the 2021 pricing for USPS postal rates are now in effect, there may be another price increase incoming.

At the January 26th Mailers Technical Advisory Committee, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, announced that a second increase was “imminent.”

DeJoy stated, “As you know, the Board of Governors will determine the timing of future pricing increases and no decisions have been made at this time. However, as I have previously stated, last year we charged $70 billion for services that cost us $80 billion to provide. We cannot continue down this path and think that we will remain a viable service to the American people.”

When asked when the increase would occur, he said, “I think it’s imminent, but I don’t have a firm date yet.”

On January 15th, the new postal rate system was entered into law, allowing the USPS to file another pricing increase in the Spring.

This could mean pricing increases for postage rates and products such as Marketing Mail flats and Periodicals may be increased on top of the increases put into effect earlier this year.

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