What Can Digital Printing Do For You?

We’ve come a long way from the year 1440, the year the printing press was invented! More recently however, digital printing was introduced in 1993 and has since taken the world by storm. In fact, digital printing currently makes up nearly 15% of all printing. So why are more and more organizations turning to digital printing?

Maximize Responses with Customized Collateral

Variable printing capabilities enable you to create stunning, customized content for each recipient for one-on-one communication. Personalized, relevant messages are more persuasive, stand out better, gain the attention of your target audience, and result in higher response rates.

Improved Targeting

Yes, you can mail less! Variable digital printing capabilities enable you to better target your audience and message.

Meet Deadlines with Faster Turnaround Times

High quality printing at faster-than-laser speeds shorten your marketing cycles with minimal setup. End-to-end automated workflows simplify high-volume printing for expedited, more reliable print runs. Imaging address information as you create the printed piece often also removes an additional production step and reduces costs.

Print High Quality, Cost Effective Pieces

The ability to print the exact amount needed results in high quality jobs completed with no waste, no remaining inventory, less stress, and lower costs. Unique imaging capabilities lift the status of printed materials from commodity, price-sensitive offerings to high-value products that command attention. The quality of digital printing is as high as most offset printing.

With a wide variety of in-house capabilities and end-to-end print solutions, Redi-Mail is able to offer the most competitive digital printing services in the business. The latest addition of the RICOH Pro 9100 enables Redi-Mail to increase the quality of high-speed digital printing and expand on variable data capabilities, paper sizes and stocks. At Redi-Mail, it’s our business to make your business look great.

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