Matching the Marketing Medium with the Audience

Whether utilizing email or postal mail, savvy marketers know the importance of matching the right medium with the audience. Almost every household can be reached via postal mail and printed messages can win customers, influence decisions and impart important information. Equally compelling is email as a direct marketing vehicle; it can generate responses quickly and decisively with the click of a mouse.

When it comes to making sure you’re using the right approach to reach your audience, you need to begin with the audience in mind. For example, by virtue of its design and the tactile experience, postal mail can have sensory impact that isn’t possible with an email. It can also convey a gravitas sometimes not possible in an email, which is why non-profit organizations seeking donations choose to package their request in a No. 10 business envelope with engraved letterhead and return envelope. Quite frankly, despite rumors to the contrary, with $56 billion being spent on postal mail in the U.S. alone, it’s clearly generating favorable results or businesses wouldn’t continue to use it.

The opportunities created by email marketing are equally compelling. Email can be an entrance into deeper engagement as recipients are invited to watch videos, follow a brand on Twitter and become a Facebook fan. Email marketing enables companies to track web visitor behavior, evaluate time-to-respond, and determine the effectiveness of a call to action. Whether the email is the message or a gateway to related touch points, it can elicit the right responses from the right recipients.

Regardless of the medium, the basics remain constant. Think of your audience and what motivates their responses. The computer-centric millennial won’t think twice forwarding your link on Facebook,  whereas seniors may prefer something they can hold on to — a mailed solicitation with an RSVP card.

Redi-Mail multi-channel campaigns coordinate all your marketing efforts by communicating one-on-one with your target audience through the channel, time, message, and medium they prefer and are most likely to respond to.

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