Is Direct Mail Dead? Think Again!

Even with digital marketing spend projected to increase to 120 billion by 2021, direct mail is still standing strong in 2018. With the digital landscape becoming increasingly cluttered, conveying marketing messages has become the battle of engaging apathetic consumers. Over the years, direct mail has continuously overcome that hurdle. The DMA reported house lists response rates at 5.3% and prospect lists at 2.9% in 2016, a 1% increase since 2015. Check out the timeless advantages of direct mail.

Breathing Space
The clutter of the inbox has created a desensitized consumer who is quick to trash or ignore promotional emails. B2C marketing is further strained by the over exposure of advertising on social media, emails and other online platforms. With the increasing number of people flocking to online platforms, direct mail has less traffic, offering more opportunities for marketers to standout more amongst competitors and crowded inboxes. This translates to higher response rates and purchase follow through.

Personal Touch
Direct mail operates outside the mass and over exposure. It is most likely to catch and keep consumer attention because of its tangibility. Direct mail’s touchability generates a connection between consumers and businesses. As a result, consumers become more attentive of the message. The physicality also allows businesses to engage consumers using color, shape, and size. These customizations also allow for add-ons and response mechanisms which provide a more comprehensive marketing experience for consumers.

Customized Marketing
Like email, direct mail can also be targeted. With variable data printing, businesses can send relevant postcards and catalogs to consumers most likely to respond to their messaging. Businesses can customize their mailers to cater to specific consumers in order to make a connection. Rapport is built through this, as it demonstrates the business’ desire to personalize and make relevant consumer interactions.

3D to 2D
Direct mail can be used to lead consumers to online platforms. Not only is the business engaging the consumer through brochures and postcards, but ensuring that the consumer is privy to and aware of future promotions. It generates response, increases online traffic and raises the chances of purchase follow through.

In Tandem:
Despite their differences, digital marketing works hand in hand with direct mail. Direct mail has reach, high response rates and provides consumers with relevant marketing messages. It can be used to create connections and then lead consumers to online platforms. It is only one part of a team of direct marketing strategies all meant to create value and ensure that both the consumers and businesses benefit. As such, it could be used in tandem with other strategies to reinforce a message or support multichannel initiatives.

How does this vitality play into today’s market? Direct mail has great benefits and in 2018, can be used to improve sales and build on relationships in both B2B and B2C settings.

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