How to Incentivize Direct Mail’s Millennial Fan Base

Whether we believe them to be phone-addicts or proponents of the greater good, the challenge of marketing to millennials seems to have become an unprecedented feat. While many outlets suggest sticking to digital marketing, the real answer to pulling in the digital natives may be direct mail.

Busting the Myth
According to a recent study, a majority 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail. Better yet, 92% of millennials are likely to make purchases because of direct mail. The stats don’t lie- millennials still remain at the top of prospect mailing lists.

Who are they?
As the first generations to come of age in the digital era, millennials are no strangers to online ads, pop ups, and digital promotions. However, with all of this digital discord becoming a way of life, they are growing increasingly immune to these marketing efforts. Direct mail has the benefit of working off of the screen, in physical space and on millennials’ time without the clamor of two promos vying for their attention. The digital native can gaze and examine the mail piece to their hearts content, which offers them the freedom to interact with the piece at their leisure, rather than being caught off guard by pop-ups. Their attentiveness suggests they are more likely to be entertained by the marketing message on their mail. In fact, a whopping 77% of millennials report they are entertained by direct mail.

Appealing to the Digital Native
Millennials are Omni channel surfers; they absorb information and media across platforms. With this in mind, include links to social media, landing pages and PURLs on your print mail or catalog. Leveraging variable data printing capabilities, personalize content, messaging, and even imagery to deliver truly customized collateral and offers.  Finally, direct your marketing efforts at issues that concern them. Millennials are more likely to make a purchase if the company demonstrates social and environmental responsibility. Let them know the causes and issues they care about matter to you!

Marketing to the largest living generation and digital natives may seem like an insurmountable feat, but direct mail may be up to the challenge.

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