How to Choose the Right Direct Mail Mailing List

The results of your last direct mail campaign are in and let’s just say they’re, well…less than exciting. So now what? Direct mail results start and end with the mailing list. A good mailing list can be the key difference between a mediocre campaign and an extraordinary, high performing, investment returning campaign. But there are a lot of lists out there—are you choosing the right one? Check out our 5 tips for choosing the right direct mail mailing list.

Outline Your Objectives
What is the goal of your direct mail campaign? Whether it be to generate leads, drive direct sales, or increase in-store traffic, determining your objectives at the start will allow you to make more informed, targeted decisions. With an understanding of what you want to accomplish, your list supplier can help you tailor your list selection criteria accordingly.

Identify Your Prospects
Do you know your prospects? An effective campaign identifies the people who already have interest in your product or service and presents them with a tailored offer to take advantage of. Choose a mailing list with prospects—not just consumers. Finding a list of contacts that are most likely to be looking for what you sell puts you at an advantage from the get-go.

Ask the Right Questions
Where is the data sourced from? Which demographic and other selections are available on the database? Are telephone numbers available for follow-up efforts? Which formats can the list be accessed in? These are all important questions in judging the quality and attributes of the list.

Determine Deliverability
What is the guaranteed percentage of deliverability of the list? This is arguable the most important question to consider. If the list doesn’t guarantee 90% deliverability or better—move on! After all, there is no sense in wasting dollars on promotions and mail pieces that never reach your prospects and customers.

Require Regular Updating
A good list is constantly being updated—at least once a month. Ongoing updates eliminate addresses where mail has been found to be undeliverable or where the prospect has moved away or changed location. Without a regularly updated list, you’ll be wasting money and resources on dead-end addresses and missing out on potential new prospects.

If your customer or prospect list is not up to par, even the best direct mail campaign won’t perform. Through our sister company, Redi-Data, Redi-Mail delivers the most comprehensive line of consumer and business lists to help you reach your prospects and watch your business soar.

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