How to Capture Responses from Direct Mail

You’ve developed your campaign, carefully crafted your message, and created an eye-catching mail-piece – now for the most important part: the responses. Recent innovations bridging the digital and offline worlds have made responding to direct mail easier than ever before. Check out three ways to drive action and capture responses in your mail piece.

Giving recipients their own personalized landing page URL (PURL) presents an opportunity to connect with them on a one-to-one basis and track their individual interest levels. By adding a simple personalized URL on direct mail pieces, a company receives detailed information about who has or has not visited the web page and if and when they respond. When a targeted recipient visits the PURL page or completes a form, the company is notified so they can track activity.

QR Codes
QR Code provides a bridge to link a direct mail piece to digital. Use it to your advantage by creating ongoing brand communication with your recipients. When a recipient scans a QR code, they are transferred to a specific landing page, PDF or video. Companies can gather actions taken from these pages to better target future campaigns and marketing initiatives.

Specific 800 numbers
Tried and true, providing a unique phone number for each direct mail campaign enables recipients to call for additional information, while providing a company with the chance to speak to these prospects at the one-to-one level. Knowing which campaigns generate more calls and interest enable companies to plan future campaigns accordingly.

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