Is Your Direct Mail Stale?

With the average adult receiving over 40 pounds of mail annually, it’s important that your message can stand out in a sea of mail (DM News). Is your direct mail getting the attention and results it deserves?

Check out our 6 Ways to reach the Holy Grail of direct mail while avoiding the dreaded—a direct mail ‘fail.’

The Holy Grail of DM

First Impressions Matter

You only get one chance to make a good first impression—make the most of it! Eye catching graphics and stunning colors and fonts can elevate interest in your direct mail. High quality paper stock can help a business make a lasting impression.

WIIFM – What’s in it for Me

Tell them! The audience wants to know what your business can do for them. Highlight the benefits and show them how you can meet and exceed their needs.

Know Your Audience

An effective mailing goes beyond just addressing an envelope to the right address.  Test the waters to understand the wants of your audience and then cater the campaign to them.  Understanding the immediate and future needs of your audience can ensure your message speaks directly to them.  If you’re purchasing a list, drill down to the interests, hobbies, past purchases, etc. to get to know them better – then segment the list and message accordingly.

Clean Up your Act

Don’t’ waste time and money sending your message to an old and outdated list of contacts.  Update inaccurate contact information and remove duplicates from your list, to ensure you’re reaching your best prospects.

Seal the Deal

Be sure to include a strong Call to Action in your mailing that creates a sense of urgency.  Your audience needs to know if they do not act, they will miss out.

Keep in Touch

Out of sight out of mind? Continuous engagement with previous customers keeps them in the loop and is the best way to ensure they will become a repeat customer.

Be Different

Stand out from the rest! Dimensional, interactive, or even oversized mailings stand out in the mailbox and mail piles. Whatever you do—make it different! Add useful objects, product samples, or even a unique item that resonates with recipients. The results will be higher response rates and increased longevity, as recipients are more likely to keep the piece over time.

When executed correctly, direct mail can land your company new and repeat customers, which can result in a significant increase in sales.

Try out these strategies and trust Redi-Mail for a wide range of direct marketing and print solutions, including digital and variable printing.  It’s our business to make your business look great.

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