Direct or Digital, That is the Question.

Reports on the death of direct mail have been greatly exaggerated. The belief that digital mail attracts more consumers, potentially resulting in better conversion, isn’t necessarily true. In fact, in many ways, direct mail can be surprisingly superior to digital mail; physical mail may hold the attention of the consumer longer, eliciting a stronger reaction that plays a more direct role in a desired behavior.

The Postal Service Inspector General’s office and Temple University studied the physiological effect of both digital media (email) and direct mail (postcard), measuring eye tracking and core biometrics such as heart rate, respiration, motion and skin conductance (sweat).  The study also used magnetic resonance imaging to identify deep brain activity associated with exposure to different media. Interestingly, postcards outscored or tied digital on the important attributes of review time and engagement, recall, and purchase intent (as defined by willingness to purchase and desirability).

While the results invite further investigation, the data suggest that direct mail will continue to play an important role in grabbing attention, conveying a message and creating desire for a brand.   When considering direct mail as part of an integrated marketing campaign, the following tips will maximize your efforts:

Know when your piece will be in your customer’s hand: With Destination IMb Tracing®, you can track mailings sent through the USPS the same way you track packages sent via FedEx® or UPS®. Tracking outgoing mail can provide better knowledge on the length of time pieces will be in transit and when they will reach your targets.

It’s all about the timing: Test different variables to determine the most effective sequence of media elements in your campaign. Does email following your direct mail work best? Should other media forms such as TV ads or radio be included as well?

Go digital, print that is: Digitally print the pieces you need, when you need them. Don’t forget to grab attention using personalized, relevant messages that are more persuasive and stand out better with variable printing.

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