Dimensional Direct Mail: How and Why You should be Using it

Live in 3D…Coming to a mailbox near you—dimensional direct mail captivates your recipients’ attention.
Check out the different types of dimensional mailers and why you should use them in your next campaign.

Get Interactive!
Give your recipients a mail piece they can get their hands on! Invite them to engage with your brand by making them do something with the piece. Whether they have to pull, tear, unfold, or even spin something, your recipients will engage with your mail piece and associate the experience with your brand.

Take advantage of pop-up mail to add some weight to your pieces! The additional heft will drive curiosity among recipients, thus opening them. Again, the engagement is a great way to create a brand relationship between your brand and your recipients.

Replicate the excitement of an unexpected package by sending your piece in package form. Make sure to fill your package with useful objects that will serve as brand awareness for your recipients and include a brochure or information about your brand. The attention to detail and nicely arranged package will impress prospective customers and leads.

All in the Fold
Add some thickness to your mail pieces by using specialty folds such as the iron cross roll, gate, or accordion fold. These folds not only add density, but will set your mail apart in the mailbox. The unique format begs to be opened and unfolded, thus increasing recipient engagement.

So why should you consider using dimensional direct mail?

Did you know… dimensional direct mail has 20 times the penetration power and increases demand generation by as much as 75% over traditional flat mailings (Baylor University). Dimensional direct mail is eye-catching and attention grabbing—it packs a punch. These unique mail pieces are more likely to resonate with your recipients, be remembered much longer, and likely shared with family and friends.

Let’s talk response rates—dimensional mail has a notably higher response rate than its traditional flat mail counterpart. The traditional response rate for flat direct mail is 3.42%, while dimensional direct mail response rates can soar upwards of 8.5% (DMNews).

Live long and prosper—literally! Dimensional mail contents can be useful in many cases and kept by recipients. Whether its commonplace office or home supplies that come in handy at just the right time, your pieces will be used over and over again, keeping your brand fresh in mind.

While a dimensional mail piece is more costly than a flat mail piece, the payoff may be worth it with more engaged customers and prospects. Trust Redi-Mail for specialty mailings, printing solutions, and the highest quality results at the most cost effective price.

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